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 Rules & Guidelines
⚓The Council
 Posted: Dec 12 2016, 10:06 PM
The Council
The Citadel Council
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Guidelines & Rules
please glance through before doing anything else!
Our Current Rating is


  • We refer to our ooc accounts as our 'Dossiers' or, Dos accounts. We need you to make one before doing anything else, as all of your other character accounts will be connected to this one. We have a one character per account rule. When making your Dos, please don't name it something such as "SheparDfAn213" or something along those lines. Things such as "Muffinface", "Toast", "Femshep", are acceptable.

Character Accounts

  • When creating your character account, include first name, and last name, and middle name as applicable, preferably with proper capitalization. Examples include "Garrus Vakarian" for a Turian, or "Jane Adrestria Shepard" for a human, or "Tali'Zora vas Normandy" for a Quarian- unless your character has a reason for giving up their full name. (See various race lore for more information on this!)


  • Our staff is particularly speedy at reading applications, however please still allow at least 48hrs after finishing one to bring it up to staff attention.
  • Before posting IC with your character, please be sure your application has been accepted! We'll let you know if something is off.

  • Although we allow special operations character to be made on site without any sort of pre-requesits, we are limiting them to one spec ops per species. For instance, you may have an N7 character as well as an Asari Commando and a Quarian Marine, but to help encourage diversity and not have everyone running around with characters who are exactly the same as each other, you cannot have two characters that are N7's, or two characters that are Asari Commandos.

  • We allow Spectres as playable characters! However, they have to be created through roleplaying. Spectres are chosen by the Citadel Council as their elite operations units. If you would like to play a Spectre, we want to make sure that you're dedicated to your character first. We want to see your love for the character, and how they would deal with what the world throws at them. If you want to play a Spectre character, we would request that once you've made (and played) your character for a bit, that you PM the staff and we will talk with you about it.

  • Ardat-Yakshis are not playable at this time.


  • MEFA has no word count! All we ask is that you please try to write at least enough for your partner to reply to. We encourage you to write as much or as little as you please.
  • Threads with no posts for three months will be archived. Access is still available if you need it later on. If you have a private thread, mark it as such. Same rules apply if you have an open thread.
  • From Ashes runs in real, liquid time, meaning if it's December in real life, it's December across the Galaxy, although if you start a thread in October and it continues through January of the following year, the events of that thread would have occurred in October of the previous year, even if you're still writing in it. We allow you to have multiple threads for each character at a time!
  • Our current rating is 3/2/3, so please, no explicit sexual content on public boards. We plan on upgrading our JCink soon! MEFA is now part of JCInk premium, meaning we are an 18+, 3/3/3 site. Please tag all threads with descriptive violence and sex as such. We encourage Trigger Warnings and Mature labels on applications, threads, and plots depicting such things. We encourage exploring the darker side of the galaxy, but not everyone has the same preference when it comes to sex, or blood and gore. Mark things appropriately, please!


  • We don't expect you to live here 24/7, so we have soft activity checks once every three months. If you miss it, you'll be marked inactive, but everything will still be around for you. If you miss two activity checks in a row, then you'll be deleted; that's a safety blanket of around six months.
  • If you need to go on vacation, post in our away thread, and your accounts are all safe!

Face Claims

  • We don't require face claims, but we do encourage them! Images can come directly from the Mass Effect comics, games, or art with permission from the artist. (Including images you draw yourself!) Make sure you credit everything accordingly.
  • For humans, we also allow actors and actresses, musicians, and fashion models.

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