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 Me: From Ashes, the plot that carries us
⚓The Council
 Posted: Dec 14 2016, 12:20 PM
The Council
The Citadel Council
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Mass Effect: From Ashes
Will you rise to the occasion?
Plot; It’s been ten years since the humans met their first life away from home. Ten years since the First Contact War and the three month long combat over Shanxi. Since meeting the Turians and the Council, humans have exploded throughout the galaxy. They have explored and expanded into and beyond all of the known galactic territories, colonizing anywhere that they could set boot. Humans have even gotten their foot into the Citadel, where they have been at last granted an embassy. From the ashes of the war, they are growing.

However, pro-human extremist group Cerberus as also risen. And they aren’t quiet. Cerberus has a goal to push humanity into the most powerful positions. They lead some humans to believe that a simple embassy isn’t enough. Some humans want more. And still other species believe that it’s too much. Other species think that granting humans so much power so soon after coming into the Citadel is a mistake. After all, the first contact with humans was violent and bloody, resulting in occupation and war. Turians still don’t get along with them, the Salarians are wary of them, and the Krogan challenge them. Only the Asari seem to find potential in the human race.

But will it be enough? Or will Cerberus’ publicity hinder the progress humanity has made?

MEFA is a pre-Reaper War, post First Contact War AU role-play that welcomes playable original characters only.


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