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 Update 11
⚓Drell Operative
 Posted: Jan 1 2018, 09:02 PM
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Update 11
New year, new changes. The holiday season has slowed activity, but we're still here!
From Public to Semi-Private

Muffin and I have discussed how we'd like to proceed with the game and we've agreed that it would be in our best interest right now to become a semi-private game. This means we will no longer be actively advertising MEFA anymore . However, if our current player base would like to invite friends or a newcomer happens across our site, we will still welcome them with open arms.

Simplified Application Process

Players will no longer be required to fill out anything more than the basic information portion of character applications before playing them. They're more than welcome to update thier profiles after approval if they choose to add information as they go.

Elcor, Batarians , Vorcha, and Volus...oh my!

The above listed species will now be available as playable characters. Anything I have not listed is not open for play at this moment , but the staff is open to other considerations. If there's something you'd like to play, please PM us or contact us in Discord.

Other Opportunities

You may now create your character with just about any profession that you can think of within reason. For example, you may now play a Spectre without staff permission or a trial. However , do bear in mind that your character will not be immune to the consequences of their actions. Being a Specrte is not a license to do whatever the hell you want in RP and you will still need to cooperate with whomever you roleplay with. Please be fair and use common sense when playing such a powerful character. On the other hand , anyone that roleplays with a Spectre cannot ignore their authority under certain circumstances' please react with the same amount of fairness and sense.

The character limit on the number of special ops per species has not changed. You may only have one N7, one Commando, one Amriger, Blackwatch, STG Operative or Compact Operative and Spectre .

Contact Staff

If you've any questions, please contact Muffin or Drell in PM or Discord.


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