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Oct 19 2017, 07:59 PM

This is a basic map was made by yours truly.

Some locations like Kahje and Rahkana are fanon since Bioware never provided any specifics in lore as to where these two homeworlds are.

Other locations and Mass Relays may be added at a later date.
Jul 17 2017, 10:51 PM
As some of you may or may not be aware, Photobucket has recently discontinued the allowance for free third party linking/hotlinking which saw many images posted by roleplayers broken and no longer working. Don't pay those shady assholes. If you're going to pay, just switch to a better service. Seriously.

For those of you thinking, "That's fine. I'll just use imgur." They don't approve of hotlinking either and if any images on your account recieve what they deem to be too much traffic, you risk your account being banned. So, use at your own risk!

Dreamsleever brought a NicPicHost to my attention today. I'd never heard of it before now(but I haven't been on RPG-D and other directories in months so that might be why?) .

Anyway, read this ToS first before you use it.
Apr 11 2017, 02:17 PM
Each person writes three words a post, adding on to whatever was written previously , to create a collaborative tale.

Mature content is allowed to be mentioned , but please don’t describe things too graphically so that we can keep this thread comfortable enough for anyone to participate in.

Double posting IS allowed if the thread has been inactive for more than a week.

Below is an example of how this thread should work :
Post A: Commander Shepard punched
Post B: the reporter’s face.
Post C: “This hurts me,”
Post D: the reporter cried.

I'll start us off.

The lonely janitor
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