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Kaestis Aurum


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Oct 6 2017, 09:41 PM

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KAESTIS AURUM </div></div>

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<h1> <o>ALIAS:</o> Kaes. Born Kaestis Albarakta. </h1>
<h1> <o>AGE:</o> Thirty-two </h1>
<h1> <o>BIRTHDATE:</o> March 10th, 2135 </h1>
<h1> <o>GENDER:</o> Male </h1>
<h1> <o>RACE:</o> Turian </h1>
<h1> <o>OCCUPATION:</o> C-Sec officer and biotics rights activist </h1>
<h1> <o>PRONOUNS:</o> He/him </h1>
<h1> <o>SEXUALITY:</o> Heterosexual </h1>
<h1> <o>RESIDENCE:</o> Citadel </h1>
<h1> <o>ALIGNMENT:</o> Paragon/Rebel </h1>
<h1> <o>FACE CLAIM:</o> Nihlus Kryik </h1>


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<h1> <o>HISTORY HAS ITS EYES ON YOU</o>📰</h1>
<p>Kaestis should have had a normal life.

<p>He was born into a family that would grow to be unusually large; he was the third of five children. Two sisters, two brothers. His parents ranked in the highest tiers of the Hierarchy, and both were near the top of the list for promotion to Primarch of Palaven. It was a successful family, well-respected, and influential. Growing up, the only concern that Kaestis should have had was the fact that his mother had been exposed to eezo while carrying him and that there was a possibility he might develop biotic abilities. In all other respects, he wanted for nothing.

<p>He remembers faint glimmers of this life, only. Some things shine through more than others do—the purple that he thinks might have been the colour of his father's clan markings, the shriek of a toddler that may or may not have been one of his younger siblings, the sound of rain on the roof. Most of it, however, has long been forgotten. A normal life was not what he got. At three, Kaestis was stolen.

<p>How it happened, he does not know, and it does not matter. All that does matter is that one day, he completely disappeared.

<p>Kaestis' first clear memories are of the batarian ship on which he grew up. It was unexciting, mostly; the ship never went anywhere since the batarians had withdrawn from Council space. As far as he remembers, he was the only turian on the ship. If there were others, they were sold or died before long. And no wonder—the life was brutal, and the batarians were worse. Their maltreatment of him—feeding him levo rather than dextro food on a regular basis was often the least of what they did to him—could have killed him several times over. Yet somehow, he survived.

<p>He was seven when his biotic abilities began to manifest. Raised as he had been outside of the Hierarchy, Kaestis had no fear or loathing of his new talents. On the contrary, he thought he might be able to use them to get by. He was not supposed to be able to harness his biotics yet—that should not have come until he got an amp—but from the early days, he displayed a sort of raw power with them that would be unheard of among his people. His owners saw their use, and though Kaestis was still young, they began to give him tasks beyond the menial ones he had done thus far. In using his biotics to complete them, he took a thrill in them that he had never experienced.

<p>But Kaestis' biotics were the only good thing about his life. Otherwise, though he remembered almost nothing else, he knew that there was a universe beyond the ship and that he was not supposed to be here, that he once had had something more. Even as his memories faded, Kaestis longed for it endlessly. He always dreamed about what it would be like to be elsewhere, to live freely, to do as he pleased, to have a family. It made him bitter and sullen, but never disobedient; his survival instincts were too strong for that. All he could do was get by and hope for something better.

<p>Eventually, something better came. One year, when he was ten, the ship ventured out from batarian space to make a slave grab—but was intercepted and disabled. When Council soldiers boarded the ship, Kaestis was found in the cargo hold. He was subsequently rescued and taken to the Citadel, where he was shortly afterwards adopted. Kaestis—he had long since forgotten his surname, which made efforts in finding his family difficult—now became Kaestis Aurum, the adopted son of a turian senator and his asari wife.



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<h1> <o>ABOUT:</o> 🌌</h1>

<h1> <o>FRIENDS:</o> 🎭</h1>

<h1> <o>ENEMIES:</o> 💥</h1>

<h1> <o>ROMANCE:</o> 💕</h1>


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<h1> <o>ROSALIND</o>🌔</h1>
<h2> I just turned nineteen and have been role-playing for nearly ten years and writing for even longer than that. I got into Mass Effect last year and am currently on my second run through the trilogy. I'm in my first year of an undergraduate degree and an unemployed. </h2>

<h1> <o>player pronouns:</o> She/her </h1>
<h1> <o>player contact:</o> GMT+10:00 </h1>

<h1> <o>EXTRA INFO</o>🌔</h1>
mature threading? Yes.<br>
triggers? None.<br>
contact info? PM/Discord.<br>
Avatar and application images credit to (X).

<h1> <o>OTHER CHARACTERS</o>📑</h1>
<h3> <ul><li>None.</li>
</ul> </h3>




<div class="appBOX"><div class="appALIAS"> ROSALIND ⤬ 19 ⤫ GMT+10:00 </div></div>


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