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 Update 10
⚓The Council
 Posted: Sep 6 2017, 06:27 PM
The Council
The Citadel Council
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Update 10
The winds of change are blowing; we've got some updates coming to the game that we hope may surprise and interest you!
Staff Changes

Muffin and Drell are the site's primary admins; Toast has decided to step down and will now fill the role of a tech admin whom will be in charge of creating new site designs or assisting Muffin or Drell with any website related errors they themselves cannot fix! However, please do not forward your tech issues to Toast directly. Report them to Muffin and Drell because the issue may be something minor and easy for Drell to fix.

Forum Organization

Most of you have noticed by now that our forums and their child boards have been reduced and reorganized. They've also been , for the moment, hidden from guests.

The staff is currently trying to figure out a more streamlined layout for our forums that will hopefully make everything much easier to navigate. As this restructuring process is occurring, we're going to be keeping our RP forums hidden from guests to curb the amount of new players we receive. New people are still more than welcome to join, however. Once we're done, the forums will be visible to guests once more!

Trial Characters

Are you the sort of person who has trouble figuring a character out until you have a chance to write them with others for a little while? Are you bashing your face repeatedly against your keyboard, agonizing over that perfect character concept that you just can't quite get out yet? Well, then this news may interest you!

For a limited time, the staff has decided to allow all members new and old to create a new character without the need to fill out an application immediately and test play them for two weeks.

"Sweet! What do I do?"

All you need to do is head over to figure out the character's name, post a partially done (the staff feels that you should at least be able to fill out the character's name, gender, age and species) profile up in the child board called Trial Characters (this is a sub forum located inside of our Profile Construction forum) and then notify the staff about it. After the staff has approved your account, you're free to RP your character wherever and however you like so long as you follow site rules.

Failure to complete and have your trial character's profile approved within the two week window will result in the character's account being locked and the trial character being moved into our normal Profile construction section. They will be unplayable until you finish the profile and have it approved.

Important! You cannot apply for a trial character with the same account more than once so please be sure to do this when you know that you'll have sufficient time to post. We may also place some restrictions on this privilege if we notice that this system is being abused

If you use any images for trial characters, you must post a reservation in the appropriate section of claims and the art you're using must abide by our art policy. If it's not yours and you don't have permission to use it, don't please.

Other Stuff

Here are a few more changes we'll be making to the game:

1) We're retconning the closure of the batarian embassy because we goofed! This doesn't happen in canon lore until 2171! So, there are indeed batarians on the Citadel and in Council Space, folks!

2)We're introducing 3 more playable species: batarians, elcor, and volus! Who doesn't like more RP options? Whoo hoo!

3) A more fleshed out guidebook complete with in-depth rules that should help new players understand what the staff's expectations are. These changes should not really affect veteran players as most of what will be added is common sense that experienced roleplayers with a fair moral compass will probably know.

4) We will be creating a more comprehensive list of what we deem to be powerful character types and locking them behind some special requirements that we feel are reasonable. This will affect things like Spectre recruitment, krogan biotics , Ardaht-Yakshi and high ranking military or political officials. We'll have more information about this later but do note that if you've asked us and we've already said yes then our decision hasn't changed (you guys know who you are!) .

5) And much more to come!


We'll be making changes over the course of September and probably a few weeks into October. It really depends on how much we can get done. Ideally, we want to have the most important stuff out of the way before mid October, but we'll have to see what we can do!

Contact Staff

If you've any questions, please contact Muffin or Drell in PM or Discord.

⚓Drell Operative
 Posted: Oct 12 2017, 06:07 PM
Drell Operative
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Schedule delayed due to some unexpected irl emergencies, but rest assured that it's slowly being worked on.

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