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 Glossary;, Often-Used Terms
⚓The Council
 Posted: Dec 21 2016, 11:34 PM
The Council
The Citadel Council
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commonly uncommon words
Have some terms you want listed? Contact an Admin or Mod through the Comm Channel or PM! We will add anything and everything that you'd like to see. If a term comes up that you don't quite know where it came from, let us know and we'll throw it in. Want to make up your own term to use within the Universe? Let us know what it is and the definition and we'll add that, too! <3
The Council -- A trio consisting of an Asari, Turian, and Salarian member. They declare rules of the Citadel, and govern most of the day-to-day dealings of Citadel Space.

Datapad -- A holographic yellow pad, uses low battery and can be charged.

The Enkindlers -- The Protheans, as viewed by Hanar.

Extranet -- A holographic yellow pad, uses low battery and can be charged.

FTL -- Short for faster than light. This a method of traveling faster than the speed of light which does not involve the use of mass relays.

Mass Relay -- Mass transit devices scattered throughout the Milky Way, usually located within star systems. They form an enormous network allowing interstellar travel. Hailed as one of the greatest achievements of the extinct Protheans, a mass relay can transport starships instantaneously to another relay within the network, allowing for journeys that would otherwise take years or even centuries with only FTL drives.

MEFA -- An abbreviation of the site name, Mass Effect; From Ashes.

Omni-Tool -- A virtual representation of a cell phone with more gatgety features. Surf the Extranet, pay for thing, make calls, scan bio-signs, AR/QR codes, and in the case of military experts, use it as a blade of light for close-combat.

Siha -- A common drell term of endearment. While it can be used generally, it tends to have romantic connotations.

Sky-Car -- A flying car, often found on spacefaring civilization planets.

Systems Alliance -- Intersteller space-navy of Humanity. Consists of service men and women from each Earth nationality and country.

Varren -- A scaly dog-like creature native to Tuchunka, the Krogan homeworld. Sometimes used for meat, this creature is more often trained as a war-"dog" or a pit fighter.


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