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Posted by: The Council Dec 14 2016, 12:53 PM
The Need to Know
Welcome to MEFA! Welcome to From Ashes, or simply MEFA! We are so glad to have you looking around, and hopefully join us here to have some fun! This guidebook was written by Toast to help you guys out. We hope that you can jump right in and have tons of fun! <3
If it’s still too long, we have a very, very basic TLDR; at the very end. Please Alt+F and search “TLDR;” for it.

The Staff Team! Your hard working staffers are currently three people – Muffin ,Toast and Drell Operative (D.O.). Muffin & Toast, the two co-admins, have a love for breakfast, Mass Effect, and each other. They live in Arizona, which means they have their own timezone (though it’s based off of Mountain Time, with no DLS), but they're frequently online, even when we probably shouldn’t be. D.O. is the ultimate stalker mod; behave because he's always watching you from the shadows and plotting something nefarious, probably.

The staff is fairly open minded and we want the MEFAn universe to grow through our players. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, we don’t mind!

How to Begin your Journey So, to begin! The very first thing that you ought to always do is check out the If you’ve already checked them out, then bombdiggity! If not, you should at least glance through them quickly. Though basic, a refresh is always welcome. Not to mention we might have a few things different than the last place you roleplayed on.
The first thing you may have noticed about our rules is that we have OOC Accounts (known as Dossiers, or Dos Accounts) as our base accounts. Everyone does. It makes it easier to keep track of our friends and players like that. Why is it easier and required? Well

  • It allows us to contact you easier. No guessing which character account you’ll be on next if we need to PM you.
  • It allows you to easily set up a ‘root’ account for easy account switching.
  • Helps your fellow players and friends remember your chosen ooc name, and who plays who. Plus it’s easier to plot with you when someone knows who you are.

To get your Dos Account sorted properly, please post in the Comm Channel, or chat with a staffer in the CBox if you find one of them hanging out in there.

The Plot and Lore While we understand that BioWare’s Mass Effect universe is massive and diverse, not many of us have the time or want to sit and read through mountains of That's alright! As long as you have a mild understanding of the games and how they work, then you'll be able to roleplay here easily! The staff can all answer any questions that come up, and we're not super strict with how our lore works. We use it more as a scaffolding than a concrete building.

Now, it’s onto the more fun things! If it’s not the most fun thing around, then it’s probably the most important, so head on over to check out the of MEFA! The basics are as such;

Mass Effect: From Ashes is a Pre-Shepard AU. We are very member driven in the fact that if our members change the course of history to differ from the games, then that fanon is now canon to our site! We are set in a present, fluid timeframe, where we allow and encourage a fun and open environment.

So now that you’ve got a good grasp on our rules and plot details, you might want to check out any and all that you might be curious about or need to know about before making your chosen character(s).

Character Creation Once you’re satisfied and confident with your base knowledge, go ahead and start your It’s pretty simple – just make the thread in following the instructions within the base app.
If you have any questions or trouble with it, just ask! If you’re not sure what to make, you can always check out our page or browse through the

While your application is being looked over, perhaps you would be interested in having a personal development board, also known as a user’s You’ll have an entire board to yourself to post trackers, goodies, character tidbits, and reminders. They aren’t required but could be useful to have. Just request one!

Once your character has been approved, don’t forget to stake a claim in our board. From there, you should also hit up the Just to keep things pretty and so we can all see who plays who.

The only thing left to do from there is to start roleplaying! Post in other people’s and chat it up in the cbox. Get out there and have fun! That’s all we can really say in our Guidebook. I hope that it really helped you guys out a little (or a lot!). And don’t forget there are tons of other info threads here to browse at your own leisure. Check out the sometime, or get to know your fellow players in the to pass the time. Play a game, make a friend. Make our world!


  • Glance through the
  • Make your Dossier Account
  • Understand the
  • Know your
  • Make your
  • Apply for your User Journal (optional)
  • Hit up and
  • Roleplay with new and old friends!

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